Reality Quotes
 It's not only you and your family, you have neighbours too.... - Frank Agyenim-Boateng - Quotes Donut
 I don't need to prove myself God is there to handle me.... - Nirmohi - Quotes Donut
 Life is free but not too smooth... - Kenneth Chinedu Martins - Quotes Donut
 I feel intimated by the American culture
I'm not hard enough
Not cold enough.... - Joie - Quotes Donut
 Recovery is sometimes wanting to scream when the world tells you how proud you s... - Calliope Olwen - Quotes Donut
 We are all desperate in many ways......... - Thahani Zahir - Quotes Donut
 There is nothing worse then being somewhere And wishing you were somewhere else.... - P.Woods - Quotes Donut
 People always ask me "what are you doing?" But
They don't see what they are doin... - Caff potts - Quotes Donut
 Have you ever felt the pain when nothing happens according to your desire?
It fe... - Thahani Zahir - Quotes Donut