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 The truth is one must create a big story to tell a small lie.... - Kevin Lee Barham - Quotes Donut
 Hiding behind the one you seek is the one seeking you.... - Kevin Lee Barham - Quotes Donut
 Apne sapno ka pankh khud hi lgana hoga,
Pankh ko batorne ka kaam to bachhe bhi k... - Piya - Quotes Donut
 The glistening lights shining so bright tell the story of Christmas night bundle... - Kevin Lee Barham - Quotes Donut
 Choose the path in which you walk and welcome those who wish to walk with you.... - Kevin Lee Barham - Quotes Donut
 Love is finding someone who makes you smile, forgetting you had any pains or sor... - Aniedi Victor D. - Quotes Donut
 You know what? Even the brightest star in the sky with time becomes faint, and o... - Aniedi Victor D. - Quotes Donut
 Raato ki jo nind uda le gya,
Aankho me wo sapne khuda de gya.
Sari duniya se ye ... - Preety Sharma - Quotes Donut
 Unity is strength, no matter who you are, where you are from and what you do... - Aniedi Victor D. - Quotes Donut
 Hidding in the shadow can't get you what you want or need, you have to be more o... - Aniedi Victor D. - Quotes Donut
 एक दिल है जो धड़कना छोड़ता नही कभी ।
वर्ना जमाने में लोग साथ छोड़ने में माहिर है... - shakuntala sharma l - Quotes Donut
 Aajadi mile to ud jaau, jis rah chahu maI
 mud  jaau.
Socha tha ek din nikhar pa... - Preety Sharma - Quotes Donut
 Always be happy and thankful, either good or bad... - Aniedi Victor D. - Quotes Donut
 If you don't value what you have, you will keep losing what you have already gai... - Ajide Wasiu - Quotes Donut
 "Do not compare your life with someone else if you need peace of mind.... - Ajide Wasiu - Quotes Donut
 Never interrupt if you can not interpret the best way to the success.... - Ajide Wasiu - Quotes Donut
 Aaj se teri yaad ka
Antim dah-sanskaar kar diya,
Palat k na dekhenge teri aur
Sa... - Shreem - Quotes Donut
 Jab dukho k badal chhaye,
Unhe hum yaad aaye,
Aaj  wo khushiyo ki bochhar me h
P... - Shreem - Quotes Donut
 Fir se na takra jaana mujhse 
kisi janam me bhi,
Gar h koi sajaa aur to puri kar... - Shreem - Quotes Donut
Time Will Reveal Whose LOSS It Truly Was
....... - ASTRICK WRITER - Quotes Donut